Scart to component, how?


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Hi there, I'm hoping someone can help because I'm a bit confused.

I recently bought a new tv after the old one got accidentally broken. (Dogs and cats in the same house don't mix, lol).

However, I'm having some issues connecting my Sky Digibox.

My tv has x3 hdmi, x2usb, x1 component in and x1 composite in.

My sky box has scart out, audio (r&w) out, and that's it.

Please, how do I connect my sky box to my telly? I've done some minor research and it seems that some places sell a simple cable with scart on one end, and component on the other, but then other places sell convertor boxes.

Before I make a purchase, I'd appreciate some guidance from people who know how to set this up.
Will a cable suffice, or do I need a convertor?
Should I use component in or composite in?
Can I convert scart to hdmi?

I don't use the sky box a great deal as I have now tv, but I would like to be able to connect it so I can occasionally watch the free channels, news etc.

Many thanks.


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You need to first find out what your sky box is capable of outputting, if it can do component out via scart then get a scart to component out kead, you'll also need an audio lead so that you can take the phono out (red and white) and connect it to the TV. Might be worth posting a picture of the connectors on the back of the TV and the back of the sky box.


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There are no modern Sky boxes with Component out...there used to be some early Sky+HD boxes with it but these have largely been phased out and are no longer supported. Although scart sockets are getting rare on modern TVs some brands supply a short lead with a scart socket on one end which plug into a special socket on the set...this should be detailed in your TV's user manual.
A few you have a standard Sky box or is it Sky+ or Sky+HD?
What make/model of Tv have you bought?
A basic connection which will work but will just give composite video/audio is a scart to RCA Phono switched adaptor (with the switch set to "Out") plugged into the scart socket on the Sky box and a 3 RCA phono to 3 RCA phono lead plugged into the TV's composite input.
A much better idea is to get a modern Sky+HD box and make the most of your new Tv with HD.

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SCART to 3RCA - with your SKY box set to RGB you can use a decent quality RGB2YUV converter, RGB (SCART) to Component (YUV) Video Converter - J.S. Technology Ltd

SCART to 3RCA (Component) - you cannot use just a cable.

SCART to HDMI - you cannot use just a cable.

SKY - have you tried calling them and requesting an upgrade to an HDMI equipped box?

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