SCART to 3 Phono Leads Cable problem


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Hi, I'm still very new to this and am just starting to feel my way around the av setup. I bought an LG 32LXR2 LCD and am wanting to get the best picture quality from my telewest box (pace)

I bought a good SCART to 3 Phono Leads cable thinking that it would be an improvement on SCART to SCART connection, dont know if this is true???

However when i plug the new SCART cable into the pace telewest box, and the other end into the AV3 (RGB) sockets of my tv i get no picture.

Am i doing something wrong here, or is there something up with either:

1. My tv AV3 connections (hope not!)
2. My telewest SCART output
3. the new cables

Any ideas anyone??

Ian J

If you connect up via scart at both ends you can take advantage of the RGB signal which is a superior form of video.

With the scart to 3 phono you are using the much inferior composite signal for the video and is therefore not to be recommended.

You are probably getting no picture as you have set the Telewest box to output RGB but your new cable won't support it so no signal is being sent at all.


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Great, thanks for the speedy reply.

You're right I had set my telewest box to output RGB, It makes sense now & i'm glad that I havent purchased any faulty kit.

I think i'll just replace the existing SCART to SCART cable from the standard one im using just now to a higher quality one and just forget about the RGB one i bought.

Cheers again.

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