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Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by baldbird, May 24, 2004.

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    Well, I've got an LCD TV which i'm using as a 2nd telly. I've got the DVD wired to it but only througn an svideo where i'd rather scart... The problem is that the LCD doesn't have a scart but it does have a 15 pin.

    I know that they're out there but i can't seem to find them ....

    So, does anyone know where i can buy a scart to 15 pin lead ???
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    First and foremost the 15 pin d-sub is very unlikely to work with RGB video from a scart lead. RGBs as it's known, is so named on account of it having a separate sync channel (which is actually the composite video pin in the scart socket). The first problem is that not many d-subs will be able to recieve an RGB signal with a single sync and would prefer a RGBHV (horizontal and vertical sync) signal. This conversion can be done with a JS RGB to plasma VGA.

    However, with LCD monitors and most projectors you find that this still won't work because the d-sub is only prepared to accept non-interlaced video and so will only work with PCs, video processors and a few other devices that will output this type of signal. If this is the case then realistically you won't be able to use this socket for video at all.

    If you post the model of your telly we may be able to find out what it will and won't accept for you. The straight cables are easily self-made (or bought from a dealer who can offer this service - some forum sponsors do) and the converter boxes are available from pretty much all the forum sponsors too


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