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Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by Skid Solo, Sep 22, 2003.

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    As with vast majority of you this forum, I have run out of SCART connections, as I am about to add SKY+ and a DVD recorder potentially JVC DR-M1 I believe my set up will be as follows :

    Loewe Vitros (2* RGB SCART AV2 & AV3, 1 additional AV1)
    DV545 (Pioneer DVD player connected to AV3, RGB)
    Playstation 2 connected to DV545 loop through and thus AV3 RGB
    SKY+ out to DR-M1 (DVD Recorder), RGB
    SKY+ out to TV AV2 RGB
    DR-M1 in from SKY+ RGB
    DR-M1 in from VCR
    DR-M1 out to TV AV2 RGB
    DR-M1 out to VCR
    VCR in from DR-M1 (If I record something onto DVD and want to lend to friends on VCR)
    VCR in from SKY+ (I normally end up recording things for friends who don’t have DVD capability)
    VCR out to TV AV1 (AV1 is not RGB)
    VCR out to DR-M1 (To archive old VCR’s)

    As you can see I have the following conflicts :

    TV has two RGB inputs for AV2 (DVD Recorder and SKY+)
    DVD Recorder requires two outputs, one to TV (RGB) and one to VCR (would prefer to use SCART rather than RF
    DVD Recorder requires two SCART inputs once from SKY+ (RGB) and once from VCR
    VCR requires two outputs, TV and DVD Recorder
    VCR requires two inputs, SKY+ and DVD recorder

    I really would like to keep my 545 connected as I love the quality and also on the occasion I want to record something from the TV onto the DVD recorder whilst I am watching a DVD

    Help, Its looking like I am going to need 5 SCART switchers to archive the above, which I really want to be automatic as the wife will want to use.
    Or can I get a single SCART switch that will take multiple inputs and give multiple outputs, so you can select which input output combination you require.
    Or most likely am I missing a trick and making everything far to complicated ?
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    A quick glance through your system would suggest:

    Sky+ VCR OUT > VCR Composite IN then VCR Comp. Out > TV AV1
    Sky+ TV OUT (RGB) > DRM1 (RGB in) AV2 then DRM1 AV1 > TV AV2
    PS2 > DV545 > TV AV3

    VCR could potentially be connected to the DRM1 though AV3 (if it has one) or just hooked up 'when required'. If quality isn't that important it can probably be hooked up with simple composite/audio leads on the front panel - a 30 second job.

    Sky would be watched through the DRM1 which means you can't watch Sky if recording on the DVD recorder (but remember it has Timeslip should you want to start watching something your recording or indeed another programme recorded on the disk).

    I should point out all the above is subject to the DMR1 having RGB in - I haven't heard it confirmed either way yet.

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