Scart switch recommendations?



Can anyone recommend a 2 to 1 scart switch box that will do RGB for both inputs and the one output. Most of the cheap ones I've seen only have one of the scarts labelled as RGB.

The Trilogy 2 looks good and accepts 3 RGB scart inputs but is a bit pricey at £59.95.

Has anyone got any experiences of the Trilogy 2?
I got my scart switch from Argos for £9.75 - It has 3 inputs and they all are RGB capable
IIRC the trilogy 2 looks like a cable modem. Argos do one very similar if its the one I am thinking of at £29.99

I have the manual one which works fine, but "SWMBO" can't use it that well !!

What a suprise that was!!!
Did you opt for one?? I am looking for the same thing..
There are two in Argos for £9.75 do you know which one they were talking about?
I'm still scoouring the net for one at the moment.

There are two in Argos at £9.75. One with a scart cable ouput already attached and one without. I think it's the one without the scart cable that has RGB.
Argos also do an automatic selector at £29.95 which looks nice but not sure of the spec, size and whether it does RGB.

I would really like to find a switch (manual or automatic) that lies flat and has the scart inputs at the back for horizontal attachment so I can lie the switch on top of my DVD player in the unit below the TV. Most of the ones I've found so far have vertical scart plug-ins which won't fit nicely with my setup. The Trilogy 2 £59.95 and the Argos £29.95 model will lie flat but I was hoping for something a bit cheaper to tide me over until I get a new TV with more RGB scarts.
There's apparently one in Poundland which has been £20, made by Saitek (?).

Also, maybe consider the Joytech one at ~£40 (?) or a secondhand Quattro.

Pity there's none in our Poundland in Birmingham although they have loads of Saitek bits for Gameboy Advance. Looking at the Saitek website it's not clear if it's scart or whether it supports RGB. All it says is it's a 4-in-1 system with 4 S-Video or standard AV-inputs and 1 output. Do they class a standard AV input as Scart?

Anyway, here's the link if anyone's interested:
Re: the above. I've just had a reply from Saitek.

"the 4-in-1 AV selector uses composite (phono) and S-Video only -
there are no SCART sockets. "

Back to square one.

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