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I am just in the process of returning a sony 32fx68 widescreen since watching via sky digital (and anything from my vcr) the artifacts created by the 100hz processing is not to my taste, to me the picture looks unatural and pixellated. so I am now looking for a 32" widescreen with 50Hz but also with 2 rgb scarts. I have been looking around but have yet to find one. Any suggestions?

If I have to plump for a tv with only 1 rgb (eg panasonic 32PS1) would it be ok to simply swap the sky scart cable for the dvd one when I occasionaly watch dvds. This would mean leaving the sky decoder on (which is connected to my vcr via rgb scart) but not having it connected to my tv via its scart lead). I should then still be able to record sky when watching a dvd, but is this safe, besides a little wear and tear on the scart leads themselves? The only other way is a scart switch box but this is further expense and probable image degradation.

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Personaly, I would sacrifice pic quality a tiny bit from your dvd.
Have Sky on RGB (scart 1), and the dvd s-video (scart 2).

That is what I've done.

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