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Hi Guys & Gals,
I have a SONY 725D DVD player & use IXOS 126 scart to scart, what is buggin' me is the weight of the plugs, they tend to droop & therefore the connection is not 100%. Sometimes the picture & sound goes, but, most of the time I can hear voices in the background. Once I push home the offending plug everying is ok,why can't manufacturers make the sockets deeper & allow plenty of space for 2 plugs side by side. I'll probably have to buy new scart leads with "straight" plugs instead of theconventional type.Hope this makes sense, any comments welcome.:mad:


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My TV has a plastic hook 2 inches above the scart sockets, allowing me to hook the scart cables through. This supports the weight of the cables and stops the plugs from drooping / falling out. I would imagine a simple bathroom / kitchen adhesive hook would achieve the same. Quicker and easier than building your own set of plugs!



Another problem not to do with weight but I can't use the audio outs on the back of my Pace digi box when using these Ixos/Qed leads, it's a good job the audio outs on the TV I have now work and sound ok.

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