Scart sockets & RGB & NTSC & getting a colour picture?


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Quick question (just a longwinded post though!)

I'm looking at buying a JVC AV-32T25 (32" widescreen) which has 3 scart sockets, these supporting :-

2 x S-VHS In
1 x RGB In
(Also there is a front AV IN )

Anyway, I want to connect the following devices :-

VHS recorder
DVD Player (Sony DVP-NS305)
Sky digibox

I'm planning on connecting the PS2 to the RGB scart (games just look so much better) and everything else to the other 2 sockets (the video has a pass through scart) and my question is :-

Will I be able to get a colour picture when watching American (R1) DVDs? My DVD player doesn't have an option of outputting PAL60 so I assume it always outputs the native format of the disk itself (i.e proper NTSC or PAL)

On my existing telly (7 year old philips) I can only get a colour picture when playing R1 discs via the RGB socket (the other socket gives black and white) but the JVC I'm looking at buying says it supports "NTSC 3.58/4.43 video playback" (quote taken from

Anyway, can anyone confirm if connecting via the non RGB sockets will give me a colour picture, and if so, will I need to connect them via Svideo or will plain old composite do?

Thanks for any advice

edit - Oh and I should point out that I have searched both in these forums and on the net but information overload has addled my brain so apologies if this is on a FAQ somewhere but I couldn't find it!
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It depends what video options are shown as available in your dvd player.

On my dvd player there is no choice in output signal in any of the menus. It outputs both the video format of the region such as PAL/NTSC, so this means that NTSC pictures are in black and white through the composite signal in the scart lead, but it also outputs RGB and so the picture has the same number of lines as NTSC in region 1 but colour is being output in RGB (not in the PAL colour format) and so I get colour pictures.

On my parents dvd player the video output options are selectable. The options are video, S-Video and RGB. If it is set to video then the player outputs the colour format of the region PAL or NTSC. If set to S-Video or RGB then the player converts the component signal as the selected format.

You should definately be able to see the pictures in colour with your new tv. If it is possible to select the output format it will be best for you to set it to S-Video, as this is a higher quality signal than PAL or NTSC.


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Thanks for the reply - I can't see any options in the menus of the DVD player so it looks like I'll just have to try it!
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