scart selector box to tv problems - very confusing scart cable problem

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    I have recently invested in a Tristar automatic scart selector box to connect my Samsung SMT-2110 cable receiver, XBOX, and Toshiba DVD player to my plasma tv. The Scart cable linking this switching unit and my plasma is buried in the wall and is a Nikkai 10 metre cable. Prior to hooking up the Tristar unit I had to constantly switch this cable between inputs but this worked without any problems.
    When I connect this cable to the tristar unit TV output I get no picture whatsoever yet all the scart cables both in and out are correctly seated. I have checked the Scart cable from the tv is working on the individual inputs and now there is problem.....the TV picture appears to be missing the blue input, as it is red and green only. To confuse matters more when I plug the scart cable into the video output of the cable box not the tv output the picture colours are fine on the tv. Even worse I get the same problem when i connect my DVD player as this only displays in red and green.
    I cannot seem to isolate any one problem, the scart cable seems to work fine with the VCR output from the cable box but not the tv output or the DVD player. The tristar unit only pumps out sound no TV picture.

    Can anyone help....?????? Sorry for the long post and yes I am a complete novice. I can't replace the scart lead as this is now lost behind my wall only alternative is to invest in an AV sender which as I understand throws up more problems (and poor quality!!)

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