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Jan 21, 2021
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Reading, UK
There are a couple of old threads on this topic, but nothing recent (technology moves on!), so I'm keen to hear what the current thinking is.

I have an elderly Pioneer DVD player and a stack of as yet unwatched DVDs. The player offers a choice of composite/RCA, which I'm currently using, and SCART configurable as composite, S-video or RGB.

The TV I use it with has composite and component inputs, but obviously no SCART, so I'd prefer to use the component input in preference to composite. There are various RGB-to-component converters mentioned in posts here and on the Net (JS Tech, QED, Cypress, etc) and given that they are now old technology they come up at good prices on eBay (which is just as well as the player isn't worth spending a lot on).

What's the consensus about a good one to look for on the used market? Any gotchas that I should be aware of?
If you can find a JS Tech RGB2YUV converter I would go with that option.

Thanks for that - the JS Tech converter does indeed seem to be well-regarded.

Having said that, I'm now having second thoughts on my proposed approach, having not realised just how cheap entry-level DVD players are nowadays!

For not much more than the cost of a used converter, I could buy a new player that supports both component and HDMI, and maybe even get a few bob for my old one.

It's hard work, keeping up with technological progress :)

Thanks again.
A new player is an option though not sure how prevalent analogue Component Video is as the manufacturers where forced to remove it if they were offering HDMI.

The JS Tech RGB2YUV converters sometimes come up in the classifieds or you could stick a ‘wanted’ add in the classifieds, there must be loads of them sitting in drawers of AVF members houses :)


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