Scart or component?


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This is probably a daft question but I've been getting a lot of conflicting advice on this.

My plasma has SCART RGB and components sockets, I've tried using a Ixos SCART lead and the picture was pretty good, the component connection however was dreadful by comparison however the lead was supplied with the plasma and looks pretty cheap.

I've been asking around and I'm getting a 50/50 split, half saying buy a gold plate, oxipure, screened SCART and half saying stick to component but get a top notch one, unfortunately everyone gving me advice is trying to sell me something and I'm pretty sure some of the them haven't got a clue.

Any advice appreciated



What's the plasma make and model ?

Don't go mad on component cables if you have to buy to try (assuming you can't borrow as Ian suggests) - you don't need to spend £100+ to get the best piccy - I'm using a 3m Mark Grant component lead and it's a fantastic piccy from a tosh 220 dvd to a panny pw6 - cost about £70 at the time.



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Thanks Ian & Andy,

Unfortunately, amongst the people I know offline only 2 have ever heard of component leads, let alone own a decent set so no real chance of borrowing any.

The plasma is the Tiny one, please, don't even go there, I know it was a waste of money but real world I figure I'm best off living with it and making the best of a bad job. With the leads supplied the picture has pretty bad solarisation, horizontal shearing and sync problems which the Ixos lead has improved to a degree on Sky, hence my thoughts on investing in decent cabling to make good with what I have.

The only stores local I could look at getting one to return if it was no good are Currys and Dixons, no-one who specialises (we live on a road to nowhere). I asked at Dixons who only has gold plated ranges available and they told me the best were Monster and Currys sold them, however Currys have none in stock and based on comments on this forum I was a bit put off by Monster anyway.

My only realistic option would be buying online which will become a pain if I do want to return them, so for now I'm looking to educate myself a bit better in the hope I can reduce the risk of wasting a fortune on something overhyped & over priced.


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Theoretically speaking (I'm sure you know this anyway) component is better than SCART RGB. If you do a search in the Cabling Forum you'll find links to reviews of cables, maybe a good starting point before you part with your money?

Could also check out, they are extremely helpful and efficient and have great prices for quality leads.



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You can get a 4ft Belden component cable (3 x 1694A) with Canare connectors for £25 inc P&P from the US.


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Thanks Ali, rang them and had a chat, stunned by price difference so ordered component leads & a SCART to SCART, will post results as they have agreed to a return if no good.


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Try and get hold of a dvd called Digital Video essentials, it's available via this forum or from play.
It's a setup disc with various test patterns to help you calibrate your display.
It worked wonders with my cheap lg widescreen. I'm sure you would notice a positive difference

HTH :hiya:


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Thanks Stew, found the DVE info so I'll give it a try.

Gotta say thanks also to Ali for the info re cable universe, ordered 3 leads yesterday afternoon, arrived early this morning, absolutely spot on quality and make Tiny's offering look like a joke, very impressive.

Cheers :clap: :clap: :clap:

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