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Feb 16, 2005
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I have only basic scart leads connecting my digibox and dvd to my TV. I'm not totally happy with the picture quality. Will a more expensive Scart make any difference to the quality or is it just a marketing ploy? Also could anyone advice as the a decent reasonably priced scart.

I'm sorry for sounding a little naive, but I'm a bit thick when it comes to these things, so your expert advice would be really helpful.

Firstly, ensure your system is set-up correctly to start with. Is your digi-box set to output RGB, and are you routing rgb into the correct scart input on the tv ?
My experience is that it certainly does make a difference but not an amazing one. IXOS and QED both make decent middle of the road cables and can be picked up from most hi-fi stores or online.

As lynx says, making sure you have the digi-box to RGB (& widescreen if appropriate) and that the scart cable from the digibox is going to an RGB enabled scart socket on your TV will have a much more profound effect.

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