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Can anyone recommend a good quality scart lead please for connection from my Sky box to my pd5200 please, I have just a cheapy £2 or whatever it was jobby at the moment, but feel the panel justifies something a bit better, about a 2m run, budget about £30? Any makes that you guys feel are particularly good?

Thanks, James.


I have a fully wired Supra cable on my PD5200 and am very happy with it, let's just hope we can switch it for a HDMI-DVI cable when SKY HD starts :rolleyes:


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Had my new scart turn up this morning and duely connected it up and replaced my old cheapy, and to be honest it has made a difference, the colours seem more enhanced, colours such reds, blues, the brighter colours and the picture appears less pixelated if that makes sense, picture appears more 'smooth' and the sound is bit crisper so overall was it worth the £25, overall yes, well worth it, it worked for me! Very pleased!

Just thought I would share my views.


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