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Scart Lead from Multi-Region.Co.UK-Stay Away


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I bought a scart from these guys to back up my USA VHS tapes to DVD. It would not do the job, picture would shudder and jump. It was not a macro problem as changing to my QED squart cured the problem.I contacted the manufacturer and he was stumped.
Anyway I returned it to MR, when I enquired about a refund I had a bit of argy bargy with them but after nine mails they said they would refund within 28 days.
Well the refund failed to happen, they do not reply to email and Barclaycard are now recovering the money.
My advice-stay away from this trader
Steve :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:


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I bought one from KTvision.com and the picture was juddering. They suggested I use external 12V power supply with it & that's done the trick,
works perfectly.


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Yeah, talked to KT and did the same, bought the external power supply but no improvement, strange but the feed thru the scart was not even macro encoded, just a personally recorded tape when I lived in the US


stevestarr13 said:
Yeah, talked to KT and did the same, bought the external power supply but no improvement, strange but the feed thru the scart was not even macro encoded, just a personally recorded tape when I lived in the US



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yep, but using a QED scart I had a perfect copy, but the KT vision one would not work. I'm not concerned about the lead but about Multi Region.co.uk, stay away from these guys. The lead may work for you but I'm just warning people about my experience with the company that sold the lead not the product itself


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I have had 2 leads from KTvision through Multi-region.co.uk(initial purchase) and I am onto my third which is an IS Pro one and all three have acted in exaxctly the same way as yours so I am glad you brought this up....In fairness they did send me an IS Pro to replace a standard lead and Duncan from KTvision was very helpful in saying that it may have been down to a compatibility problem with my equipment and that if this pro lead didn't work out they would refund me my money back......so I'll keep you posted :thumbsup:

p.s. Duncan thought it may have been a problem with the Plasma compatibility i.e. Panasonic Viera but I tested the lead using a different dvd player and portable tv I had upstairs...I also tested every scart...every possible setting I knew of and had the ac adaptor attached with the required spec for the scart.

swartzy :)


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Promised a follow-up so here it is:

I spoke to Andrew from Multi-Region.co.uk (gentleman)...he spent 30 minutes of his time by phone going through all the the possible combinations and it seemed I tried them all bar one....i.e. to try another ac adaptor....so went to Argos and got one specified at 1200Ma instead of 300 Ma suggested for the IS Pro and standard lead and hey presto the darn thing worked perfectly and now on RGB too.....Grrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeaaattt......thanks for that Andrew
My own experience of the lead is that it sometimes needs a little perserverance and it works out o.k. in the end.....as for Duncan from KTvision and Andrew from Multi-region.co.uk I would like to thank them for their time and perserverance from myself and they were both very patient and understanding amidst my own frustrations.......This is why I believe the title of this thread to be grossly unfair to both Multi-Region.co.uk and KTvision....

Many Thanks
swartzy :thumbsup:

My Equipment
Panasonic Viera 37 inch
Panasonic DMRE-75 DVD/VCR combi recorder R2 only
Sony 930 MR

hook up and connection

IS PRO lead labelled end going into scart output of Sony 930
IS PRO lead unlabelled end going to scart input of Panasonic DMRE75
all units set to RGB
hope this helps :lesson:


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maybe you had good customer service from MR, I definately did not.
After promising a refund after 28 days he has failed to do so despite two reminders he won't even reply to e-mails. Never mind Barclaycard are sorting it. I know where I won't be shopping again.
KT Vision were more than helpful though.


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Nothing personal .....but I can only give you my own experience and I thought this may have helped if you wanted to give this a try but obviously not...so no harm intended...



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I represent www.multi-region.co.uk and would like to mention a few things here, if I may.

1)We tried to assist the gentleman to succeed with what he was attempting to achieve but for whatever reasons he had, he chose not to persevere.

2)This gentleman was not entitled to an 'automatic' refund under the distance selling regulations because he did not return the goods within 7 days of receipt. A replacement was offered.

3)The gentleman disclosed that he had no further use for the goods, having sold his VCR.

4)The goods were not faulty. They were tested upon return and found to be functioning correctly.

5)We were closed until 4th January and this gentleman's refund was administered on 7th February with no intervention from Barclaycard. A little over 28 days, granted, but not so much to warrant the nature of his post.

It's not always as straight forward as it may seem for the customer to get these leads doing what they want to achieve, although for most they are simply hooked up and they work first time. There are however, plenty of variables to consider and we know that some people get confused with signal types (RGB, Svideo, Comp) and TV standards (PAL, NTSC, PAL60). With most equipment having two SCART sockets, further uncertainty is added. We try our very best to help customers work through any problems they might be having, but in some cases (as we see in some of the 'newbie' posts in this very Forum) it's just not possible to help them due to a lack of understanding.

Thank you Martin for 'sticking with it' you were determined to get to the bottom of the problem and after our last conversation earlier this week I am pleased to see that you took my advice on the long shot with a new power supply. As we discussed, if changing the power supply didn't work, I was ready to throw in the towel and admit defeat. Thank you also for your kind words and support in this thread.

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