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Hi Folkes,

I have a 10 year old 22" Matsui TV that only has one scart connection and I need 2. They do a cheap 2 to 1 scart manual switcher (with button) at Wilkinsons but it doesn't support RGB. Do you guys think they'll be any noticable drop in picture quality? Is an old TV like this gonna support RGB?

Thanks in advance



The age of the TV is not what will decide if it has an RGB scart or not. My last CRT TV was bought in 1998 and had 3 scart sockets with only 1 of them being RGB. This was a 28" TV, but my 14" portable only has a Composite scart input which I think is fairly standard.
What is currently connected to the TV via scart? If it is a device that has an RGB scart output then try switching between RGB and Composite video to see if you notice a difference. If you see no difference then the chances are the scart input is Composite only. If you do see a difference then the input will be RGB and therefore you can decide if a non RGB scart switch is good enough.



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Also what 2 devices do you want to connect. If for example one of them is a sky box (or other STB) they normally have 2 scarts. The TV one goes to the TV and you can use the other scart to connect your 2nd device, when the sky box is in standby it will pass through an RGB signal from the 2nd scart.
2 RGB sources connected to one scart, job done.

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