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Hello potential helpmates,

I've just purchased a DVD recorder and of course I'm trying to link it into an existing set-up. The schematic I received was OK if all appliances had two scarts. I've telephoned the suppliers helpline but I understand visuals better. I've now spent several frustrating hours trying my own logic in the puzzle. Can anyone help? The situation is so forth;

Television with 1 scart socket (Sony)
Video also with 1 scart socket )Akai)
DVD player with 2 etc. (ext1 and ext 2 but apparently self-switchable internally) (Phillips 75)
Digibox with 2 scarts (TV and VCR) (Pioneer)

all good stuff but in the case of the TV and Video certainly aging!!!

I also have a three plug scart 'extension'. If anyone can suggest a way of interconnecting this lot I'd be grateful and happy. I don't quite understand the concept of an S-video/composite video connection. Someone suggested I could use the aerial input and output to convey signals to/from the video. There may be a problem with the digibox insofar as the AV or TV/DTV button on the remote doesn't work as it should (before I took the TV out for a possible repair and put it back in place). It was suggested by their helpline (Pioneer) that I could have damaged it by inserting and pulling out scarts while the box was on. I dunno.

thanks in anticipation:hiya:

Ian J

You certainly have a problem with only one scart socket on your TV and VCR which is a sure sign of age.

You need to have a look at your TV manual and see what type of video signal it will accept through the scart socket as modern televisions can accept three types. Composite video is the poorest quality and is probably what you have been using, s-video is a step up in terms of quality but probably none of your equipment outputs this format and the best quality picture available from your equipment is RGB which is output from both the DVD Recorder and Sky Box and this is significantly and noticeably better than composite.

I would suggest connecting the main scart socket from the Sky box to the second socket on the DVD recorder and then from the main socket on the dvd recorder into the scart switch box.

The second scart on the Sky box should be connected to the VCR.

This setup should work but will not give you anwhere near the quality of picture that is available from the DVD Recorder and Skybox if that single scart socket on the TV isn't accepting RGB signals.


Dear Ian J,

Thanks for your assistance. I wasn't aware of differences in performance 'behind' the Scart socket. The TV and video obviously need upgrading - which I can justify as they're both subject to glitches. I'll certainly try your connection suggestion.
Again many thanks for replying.

Chris S

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