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SCART connection & aspect ratio switching

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by PaulWesterman, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. PaulWesterman


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    Hi, I've got an old 4:3 Sony TV and I'm having trouble with aspect ratio switching. When I switch on an AV source (e.g. my Freeview box) the TV switches to the AV input in question - fine. However it also switches aspect ratio to 16:9 so I get a 'squashed' image (i.e. people look short and fat).

    My old Samsung DVD always switched and looked wrong - I always had to switch the ratio back. But my new Sony DVD also switches and the aspect ratio looks fine so I leave it...!

    My Sony VCR switches inputs but leaves the ratio as it is.

    However, the Freeview changes the ratio and it looks wrong. I have explored the menus on the TV and the STB but no luck. I thought of disabling the SCART pin that does the aspect ratio switching but am I right in saying the same pin also does the input switching?

    I would like to lose the ratio switching and keep the input switching, but it's looking like I can't do that as they share the same pin but use different control voltages.

    It wouldn't matter except the aspect ratio selection is buried in the submenus on the TV and so it's a real hassle having to do that every time I switch the STB on.

    Suggestions anyone...?!

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