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Scart cabling query/nightmare!

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by stevem999, Apr 30, 2004.

  1. stevem999

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    Oct 23, 2003
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    Cor blimey governor, what a pickle - can anyone help me with a connection jungle?? Here's what I have, and below that is what I would like:

    Here are my 'appliances' and their available scart connections:

    Sky+ has -> VCR Scart + TV Scart

    VCR has -> Scart ‘in’ only + Scart in/out

    DVD Player has -> Scart out

    TV has 2 scart sockets, one autoswitches the TV to AV channel on playing video etc, don’t think the other one does (it’s an old telly) and as far as I can tell one is RGB compatible

    Will use RF/Channel 6 on Sky as well for kiddywinks but that’s really immaterial to this question. My needs are as follows:

    Want to archive Sky+ recordings onto VCR via Scart
    Want to record Sky programmes onto VCR via Scart (obviously only one programme at a time)
    Want to play DVD’s on TV via Scart
    Want to play VCR on TV via Scart
    Want to watch Sky+ on TV via Scart

    My VCR manual says I have to have RF connected as well as Scart – is this correct? It also says that to connect the Sky box, VCR and TV together I need a chain of three scarts between everything, not just one out of the Sky, into the video then another out of the video into the TV which seems a bit weird.

    Can anyone assist me with the easiest way to connect all this without creating a gaggle of cables? Am I asking too much or do I need a switch box or something - trying to avoid this as not 'wife-approved!!

    Any assistance greatly appreicated.

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