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Scart Cables


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Just a quick question, and was hoping to get an answer here before taking a wander in the pouring rain to the various electrical stores.

Cable box to TV is already linked via a scart lead I bought from John Lewis for £15. What I want to know is if I purchase, and spend a bit more on another lead, if there is no noticable difference, can I return it on the basis that I just don't want it? Stupid question I know, but don't want to spend x amount and then be stuck with another lead that I didn't need.



IMO - If your not suffering from crosstalk/interference from other channels then keep the one you have. ;)


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Not getting any problems, but just trying to get the best picture poss. You don't think it's worth bothering changing then??


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Better SCARTs **may** make a difference.

To try, just buy some nice IXOS 126AV from the dreaded Dixons... they have a 14-day refund/exchange policy for items returned "as new". ;)


More than any other cables I've come across, it is SCART leads that do show very noticeable differences... not surprisingly, the more you spend, the better picture they offer.

I just sold an Ecosse Armageddon on eBay for a bargain price, that Scart outperforms anything I've seen from Ixos and the like. That said, it was over £70 new.

I'm currently using an RGB only (well worth cutting out the audio and switching elements) Supra AV6 which achieves a stunning image from Sky digital.

Think about how much you spend on your TV and DVD player combined and then honestly yourself ask whether £30 is the most you can justify to connect them...

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