SCART cables - IXOS 126-AV?


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I'm thinking about getting some better quality SCART cables for my Arcam DV27 and Sky+ box. They need to be wired for RGB video, control pins and audio in for the moment. I've come across several recommendations for the Ixos 126-AV. Is this a good buy? Is there something better for the same price, or as good for less? How much more money would one have to spend to get something that's noticeably better?

(Best price I can find at the moment for 1.5m 126-AV is £25 + £8 delivery from Empire Direct - anyone seen 'em for less than that?)


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I use these scart cables throughout my system and found them to be very good indeed. Very sharp picture and excellent colour.

You price equals hifi-bitz where I got mine from. £33 inc delivery. Haven't found them cheaper.

I'd recommend them.


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Originally posted by NicolasB
I've come across several recommendations for the Ixos 126-AV.
My Skyplus+ is connected thus.
It is a well made lead, but I couldn't see any difference in PQ, except the EPG looks a little sharper compared with a normal fully screened Scart.
I have some QED Sqarts too, same again.

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It does what it says on the box. For a SCART cable it is all you need, well made, well screened 75 ohm cable, fully wired with good quality plug. It is still a Scart lead though!

I have loads :blush:

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Ixos 126AV are great and will no doubt last until SCART becomes a dead format and something else takes over, i.e. they're solid baby!

Lentini purchased some similar Ixos scarts that had just come out at the time and which he found cheaper than 126AV. You might want to investigate those - sorry I can't remember the model number.


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You can try the scart cables from

The ones from the Home Cinema series (the HCSL14) start from £14.30 for .75 metre and have got good reviews from several magazines.

I bought a couple from the site and received them very quickly.


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