Scart cable quality - need clarification



I just had a dude try and sell me a scart cable manufactured by 'Monster' for 100 quid. Now, im a non techie but I hear gold plated sheilded cables give better output?

Can I have some opinions on quality cables and where I can order one from? And how much will it set me back.

I'll be hooking up my telewest digi cable box to a Panny TH37PA20. Plus standard multi-region DVD player.

Happy easter all.

Expecting TH37PA20 this Saturday!


sorry folks. should have put this in the cables discussion forum - apologies.


Monster is an american brand that isnt so often heard around here. If you want quality cables for sensible prices, one of our forum sponsors is a good way to go, they will know what you need and arent going to try and rip you off.

all the best



Monster cables are sold in Comet and for an RGB Scart their top notch cable is £69 and they have a cheaper version for about £40. I am not sure how they compare with some of the other cables the guys are using but some comparisons would be very helpfull for anyone setting up their systems.



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Does a good quality cable make a difference? Yes.

How much should you spend on one? Well, certainly you can get some really excellent cables and that's reflected in the cost. However, the unbranded gold one I stock has been compared with branded ones several times it's cost (sorry - no names) and come out on top.

Buy what you feel best with. If £100 is too much, then there's other options which will be more than suitable for you.

All the best,

Dr John Sim.

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