scart board + Quintro versus tuner box


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Feb 4, 2001
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I've got a panny pwd6 with TU600 tuner (part of a package) but i'm serious considering putting the tuner out to pasture and investing in a scart board and a Quintro box - or something similar. This will set me back 200 quid - will this be worth the expense.???

I'm also peeved that I can't tweak much screen wise with the tuner

I really want to best pic money can buy - is this a viable option?:( :( :confused: :p
do you have a vga port? if its best picture quality then get js-tech rgb to vga converter to go with the quintro

all rgb scarts to quintro then scart to rgb to vga converter.

i think this way will be more expensive but better picture
excuse my ignorance - on the back of my panny, i have a pc in and separate serial input - is one of those VGA? or will i need a separate panny VGA board, if so which?
iirc, one is marked PC, the other serial. The VGA port is the one marked PC. The other is used to control the screen from a PC via the serial port.


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