Scart AV Mess - Lady In Distress!!!!

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by lisa8c, Dec 21, 2006.

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    Hi All

    O.K - I'm desperate now, here's my story. I'm not very techical or scart/AV intelligent so please bear with me if I sound a little dumb. I have a panasonic TV with 3 scart holes at the back and an AV3 (only suitable for camcorders etc I think). I have a DVD player with a surround sound system, a DVD recorder, a sky box and an AV sender. Everything is wired up fine apart from the AV sender, at the moment it only pumps sky up to the upstairs TV, and in an ideal world I would like to pump either sky or a disc playing from the DVD recorder. If I need to buy a scart bank (or something similar) then fine - I will do so, its just that I have pulled that bloody tv out so many times swapping wires around I think I am going to give myself a hernia! Any help would be most gratefully received!!!!!:lease:
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    Does the AV sender only have one input? If it has 1 then you will need something to sit between the sender and the Sky box/DVD recorder. If it has 2 you should be able to plug both deviced into the sender?

    Does the DVD player or recorder have a SCART input? Many DVD players feature a SCART switching system. By this I mean you have a SCART lead between your DVD player and TV and then a SCART between your SKY box and DVD player. When the DVD player is on standby you will see Sky, as soon as you turn the DVD player on you will see the DVD....

    If you have that function then feed SKY into your DVD player then split the output from the DVD player, one to the AV Sender and the other to the TV.

    If you have the model numbers we can look up the units you have a see what connection options they offer....

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