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Jun 3, 2003
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Hi all,

I was wondering when a TV switches automatically to a scart input, will it choose the best input (RGB) or just the default one (Composite)?

I looked at the way my current TV (Sony 29" about 8 years old) and it looks like to only switches to Composite, although I'm cannot be sure.
I can manually switch it, but then it looses the ability to switch back to another source or switch the aspect ratio.

I've just got a Tosh 42wh36 and would like to know if this will auto switch to the best input.

Many Thanks,

Paul Ryder
most tv's will switch depending on voltage changes to certain pins of the scart socket. pin 8 is for av switching, so if the tv receives a voltage from this pin (eg. from your video player) it will switch to composite AV mode. pin 16 is for rgb switching, so if it gets a signal it will switch from composite AV to rgb.

so in answer, your tv will display whichever signal its being told to display by whatever unit you have attached to it. if you're using a dvd player and want to be sure you're viewing the rgb image, you need to make sure the dvd player is set to output rgb in the setup menu.

nb. some tv's will allow you to manually switch between composite and rgb while in av mode, so even if the tv is receiving voltage on pin 16, it will ignore it and revert back to the composite signal or vice versa depending on your selection.
How are the pins numbered? Is it top row first?

Is there a pin that controls auto-switching for S-video?
if you are looking at a female scart socket with the pointy bit in the top left, then bottom right to bottom left are pins 1 - 21 (odd numbers only) and top right to top left are 2 - 20 (even numbers).

i don't think s-video (via scart) has auto switching as it only uses 4 pins (chrominance/chrominance earth/luminance/luminance earth).

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