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scared nervous but excited hitachi 32pd5300 denon 500

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by gphys, Jan 21, 2005.

  1. gphys


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    Having spent several weeks trawling reviews and this forum; my new 32pd5300 and denon 500 are sitting in the centre of my living room !
    I also have sky (thinking of going sky+) and an old VCR (RF only)

    I was nervous after reading the hitachi instructions but the denon's have blown me away
    sorry for the dumb newbie q's but

    I was intending to connect

    1. denen>plasma using 3 RGB component cables but various postings have implied that there is no advantage over scart rgb despite the component progressive scan
    5300 insructions says to be v carefull to use the white shielded power cable, both look the same to me, are they out of date instructions

    2. Sky>plasma via RGB scart
    Or shoud I daisy chain the sky>denon>plasma ??
    How do I get the sky sound through the denon, the tv speakers will probably be disconected. If it's the audio out from the sky to the audio in at the denon, how does the denon know !!
    Could the TV speakers be used as the surround sound centre speakers, is this a good idea and how?
    I have a scart cable supplied when sky was installed, how can I tell if it is RGB wired or should I buy a 'better one' anyway

    3. It would be nice to set up the old VCR until/if I get sky+
    what is the RF daisy chain order, and again how do i get the denon to play the sound
    RFArial>sky>VCR>plasma or should I put the denon in before the plasma

    Also not very sure how I let the TV know what signals to use, am hoping it will become clear when I join it all up
    could be an interesting weekend, shame the central heating is kaput, anyone know a plumber !!

    probably obvious questions,
    but any opinions or comments desperately requested
  2. jimsan

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    Oct 8, 2004
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    Dumfries, SW Scotland.
    My word! Where to start.

    OK. Is the Plasma Progressive Scan enabled? If yes - connect with component cables. (what you have called RGB cables). If no - RGB scart will be fine. Progressive Scan IS superior to RGB Scart - Smoother motion, less flicker.

    Connect the Sky directly to the TV - RGB Scart. I'm assuming you have 2 RGB scarts on the TV. If not then go back and connect the Denon via Component cables to free the RGB scart for Sky.

    Getting tricky now. If the Denon is connected via scart to the TV, selecting 'TV' on the Denon function menu will provide sound to the Denon via the scart. If you have used the Component cables then you need to connect a phono lead from the TV Audio 'out' RCA's to the Audio 'In' on the Denon. This'll be 'Video 1' or Video 2' on the Denons function Menu. If the TV has no audio outs, then use the ones on the Satellite box. Actually, I'd connect them up as well, so you can have a choice of audio ins.

    Don't use the TV as a centre channel. This'll unbalance the sound probably.

    How are you doing so far?

    Daisy chain the RF as follows: Wall socket to Satellite in. Satellite out to VCR. VCR to TV. No need to loop in the Denon. The Denon will get the sound from the TV inputs as described earlier.

    The TV will have AV input selector. Usually a wee button at the top of the remote showing a picture of a tv screen with an arrow pointing into it! It'll become clear soon enough.

    Get back here with any problems.

  3. gphys


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    Yes the TV is progressive scan and it does have two rgb scarts and one composite for a VCR (If I had one with a scart that is). It is an alias screen, some people have said that progressive scan doesn't make any difference with them
    from what you have said the scart would make getting the sound into he denon more easy
    I will get the cables connect it up and see how it goes, thanks for the advice, I may need more later !!
    another newbiw

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