Scanning Backlight - worth waiting for?


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Having had a less than brilliant experience with a Philips 32pf9830, but still impressed with the overall build quality of the TV I have been doing some research on Philips next raft of LCD technology - 'Scanning Backlight'. Philips are after the holy-grail now of an LCD panel with a picture quality thaat matches a top quality CRT.

This URL takes you to a on-line PDF by Philips on the technology and how it works....slated for Q1 2006 release. This has to be worth waiting for?

Philips Scanning Backlight article

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Thanks for the link Cosmic :smashin:

I had a quick read through and it makes a lot of sense. Looks like the problems with LCD blackness,contrast and motion will be improved quite a bit with this new technology.

I am planning to buy a big LCD early 2006- and now I will wait and see how these new screens perform! :)
Very interesting read - although, the picture of the note bars at the top of page 5 is ridiculously exaggerated.


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Well, all piccies in such folders are always exaggerated...

But the concept was known...

i still wonder how it will be in real life, and how it will compare against for example SED...

(Btw, worked on a 11.1" OLED Sony Vaio, and wasn't super impressed).


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I personally think this is one of the few technologies worth waiting for - assuming its only a few months down the line.


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Looks to me* like, unless it's done very well, it will introduce visible refesh flicker into the image - something with (a) is wholly absent from conventional LCDs and (b) is what makes me seriously dislike conventional CRTs.

* - as one who is highly sensitive to CRT flicker, DLP rainbow, and any other artefact of intermittent illumination

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