scammers on ebay



i carnt believe ebay are still eltting them get away with this: look here

if you look at the feedback, there are 2 negavtive comments made about this seller, the 2nd comment says the seller is giving fake links!

then we have a bidding war for the "alleged item" and some idiot paying £2000 for this "con" link! (auction ended today)

who in there right minds would place a bid for a plasma on ebay????

edit, this is the actual quote: You purchase an ebook and they SUPPLY YOU WITH A FREE PLASMA TV !!!!

:lesson: :lesson: :lesson:


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I think the give-away is the price without looking further,and the old warning that there's no such thing as a free lunch.

Unfortunately there's a lot of these folk around currently,especially in the high end audio parts of ebay,which I keep an eye on frequently for a certain Krell or Levinson I'm after.
To ebay's credit,they do remove the offending items and ban the sellers very promptly usually,but the problem is that they keep registering again under new names.

The only way to avoid it is to be very cautious,and buy only from persons whose feedback has been checked and crossreferenced,and never send money via wire transfer.


Like Duh! Who in their right mind is going to bid for 'information', showing you how to pick up a cheap plasma! One born every minute!


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Originally posted by DucatiEVO
Like Duh! Who in their right mind is going to bid for 'information', showing you how to pick up a cheap plasma! One born every minute!

Trouble is that people are silly enough to do so,and scammers make use of the sheer volume of stuff being sold on ebay daily to do their worst.....scams like that one are easy to see through,but some of the other ones are the Krell scammers.


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Um, I was looking for Krell the other day and found something that was far to cheap, they werent really in the auction just asked for an email, I sent them one and didnt believe their answer io I binned it. The next day I got a spoof email from ebay asking me to complete my account info, I had a look at the email and it was able to trace it to the same krell sellers. Be very careful.

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