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Jul 16, 2002
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Could someone tell me how I can chanel the picture from a domestic DVD played through a computer graphics card to scale the picture for a CRT projector ?

I would like to keep the audio side out of the computer if possible.

The reason being that I'm thinking of keeping the DVD region 2 and having a DVD ROM for region 1:confused:

Sorry for the stupid question:blush:
Not a stupid question, just a little general to get specific advice.

What I do is:
SVideo into a Hauppage WinTV card (£35 ish)
DScaler (freeware) does the actual scaling
PowerStrip (shareware) Needed to get -ve synch for the Barco
Cheap ATI Radeon VGA card (£35 ish)
VGA - BNC Cable into the projector (£20 ish)

All running on a dedicated very basic celeron PC in a small box.

All the links and advice are in the "HCPC recommended configuration" post in this forum.

Once youve got the software/hardware running reliably (the easy bit) Then you can start tweaking the Fan noise, Interface, control devices, resolutions, scan rates etc etc.

Personally I use the PC for all my DVD needs, the SVideo input is for off air viewing
Caveat has the general route correct. What is you display device? If you have a look on the pc forum, there is a recent thread about the best capture card ever (or something to that effect) it has details of a new chip or someething that will do a nice clean video capture, which is what you need.

Why do you want to have the computer do half the dvd's and external the other half? Why dont you simply use the external player for region 1 and region 2, that will mean you dont have to worry about any computer messing about........


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