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Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by jonnyseale, Jul 26, 2005.

  1. jonnyseale


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    i would like to get the most out of my panasonic vieraTH37PV500WAL i have sky+, xbox and dvd player. would a scaler be a worthwhile addition, also i have been looking at the denon dvd 1910 2910 and 3910 all which apparently have built in upscaling would a scaler improve on the pictures from these machines or do they not require this. :confused:
  2. Liam @ Prog AV

    Liam @ Prog AV
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    Oct 18, 2002
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    A video processor will improve the image from all your sources, however you will not be able to drive the panel at it's native resolution so the screen will always be rescaling the input signal a little. However you will still gain all the benefit of high quality deinterlacing, including HD processing with better models, much more accurate adjustment of colour temperature, gamma, contrast, brightness etc, a processor will "repair" errors in the signal introduced on the media or source component (colour, chroma errors) and can adjust for y/c delay, all the thingss that have been mentioned in those couple of threads recently on what does a processor actually do!!

    If you haven't yet bought one, I would stay away from the DEnon players. A Pioneer 868 or better still Arcam DV79/DV29 is far better approach as, in addition to being very good players, they can output an interlaced (i.e. non progressive scan) signal into your video processor (will need to be Lumagen). This relatively unprocessed, standard defintion signal can then recieve the full treatment from the Lumagen before being output at say 720p into the plasma screens HDMI connection. Sky TV, Freeview etc will also all gain massively from this.

    Where are you based, with Lumagen certainly home demos are possible so even with your current Sky box and DVD you can see the improvement.

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