Scalers and line doublers help?

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by andrewmellor, Jul 30, 2004.

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    I've seen these mentioned on the forums and elsewhere many times with regard to line doubling, upsampling and converting to 1080i etc but have no real idea of what they can and will do.
    I understand that they can convert the incoming signal eg 420i? to the native resolution of the screen, I also understand that information cannot be added to the incoming signal, so is the 'improved' image just down to better conversions than the internal ones in my plasma does as all the reviews and comments are that images are dramatically improved and can deliver almost HDTV equivalent?....I actually had a demo of HD satellite on my plasma before I bought it and have to admit it was pretty damn good, I think he mentioned that it was 13mb/s bitrate.
    I have a Fujitsu PDS4242 1024x1024 ALiS panel and I'm VERY happy with the image it is capable of with Dvd via component and 'good' sky transmissions via JS RGB-->VGA but if anything could be done to improve the poorer signals or of course even improve what I'm currently getting with dvd etc then I'd be very interested.
    All comments and advice greatly appreciated
    Cheers, Andrew
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    A scaler will not up the bit rate of a signal...but, as the name suggets, scale the size of the incoming signal to the native resolution of your panel...
    For NTSC DVD's, you'll be getting 480 lines interlaced...a scaler can upscale this signal to however many horizontal lines your panel has...480, 768 etc...It will, however, not add bits of info that are not there. But adding a scaler to my (poor in comparison to todays panels) plasma, improved output on good sky feed by 80% just by scaling them to 640 x 480 via vga.
    It's no good upscaling a pal image to anything more than 580p unless your scaler can convert the signal to 50hz...even then you're likely to have problems. I tried 1080i from Sky on the briteview and it showed a lot of judder and moved the picture over to the left about 25 inches as well!!
    I now have a Briteview that outputs Pal, and it still looks better at 480p or 640 x 480p...1080i at 50hz fails to fill the screen.

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