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    Please forgive my ignorance on these matters but I've never really payed attention to the whole aspect ration 'thing'. I have set my Sony HS2 to project a nice big image on the wall (8ft wide). Now, the problem is the picture fits between my LCD TV and a high window above. If I set up the image to work with sky/ps2 etc in 16/9 then all's good. However, when I play a DVD (which I do most of) I get the black bars and a smaller image. If I zoom out so this fills the space, the 16/9 images run over the TV and window.

    So, is there a device that can scale the svideo out from my amp from 16/9 to whatever DVD's are displayed in? 2.35:1? Or summink. I route all video to the PJ through the amp via svideo except DVD which goes via component straigt to the PJ. So, all I need to do is convert the 16/9 pictures from the amps svideo out to 2.35:1 or whatever it is.

    Any ideas (and please excuse my ignorance).

    Thanks in advance.

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