Scaler settings for games consoles


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I've decided that I cannot go on playing the game cube, xbox and (in under a month) the 360 at 1024x768 through the scaler.

I've got a Lumagen HDP, PHD8 and component switch box.

Tried setting 576 as the VRES - no signal!
Is this just a timing thing?

I've tried asking on the Lumagen forum for an option to output 576i out so there would be no lag in the picture compared to a controller command but was told it was not possible.

So what i'm asking is if you run a consore through a scaler how do you have it setup so you do not get this problem?


How do I get 576p/i output from a 576 input without getting NO SIGNAL on the panel??

If I can't get this working then i'll have to get a component card and not use the scaler.

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