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:hiya: Okay guys read a lot on scalers recently and ive become very interested but from what i have read on these forums people only seem to connect them to pannels...I own a 42pv500 and i'm very happy with the picture :D But as always if there is a possibility you can improve your equipment it eats away at you untill you do so.... :rolleyes: at the end of the day i want the best possible picture out of my panny...So was wondering will a scaler make much difference to my display :confused: If so which one would i be looking at how much would this cost and how much would someone charge to connect this :( And finally would the overall cost be justified in the picture improvements :smashin:Any input would be appreciated chaps :lease:

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Hello crank

Whilst not as easy to plumb and adjust I'd be very surprised if you didn't see visual benefits by introducing a decent Video Processor and having your system professionally configured and calibrated.

An entry level DVDO, Lumagen, Crystalio Processor is going to cost you between £800.00 and £1,000.00 with Installation, Configuration and Calibration at around £275.00.

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I've just bought the 37pv500. I've already got a lumagen hd pro.

Gordon has kindly given me a config file for this. I've ordered a dvi to hdmi cable and will link up soon. I'll let you know the results. As you say the pq is already vg.



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I have a TH42PV500 with an iScan HD+ and am pee'd off that the PV500's geometry cannot be adjusted from within any of it's menu's I can get into. My previous TH42PW6 worked a dream with the iScan. I know I can get more out of the PV500 if I could just adjust the H & V / size & position, but the feature to adjust this has been removed from the service menu by Panasonic. I am so pee'd with it that I am seriously considering changing the PV500 for either a PHD8 or 436XDE with a sway towards the Pioneer as I am so pee'd with Panasonic.

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