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Hi All
i also know jack about this, I have an Ellie XS 3000ht, which has a Pioneer Dvd 737 Connected via the component bnc ,
I have been watching AOTC and have noticed jagged lines round the edges of moving pictures, they stabalise when the moving object like a ship lands,
I have had one reason for this , the line tripler within the ellie is not coping with the de-interlace,
my question is would a Scaler resolve this and improve the all round picture ?

I have been reluctant to buy a scaler because i have heard no matter how good they are they can only a do a job with the lines of resolution they are fed, and as Pal is 600 ( i think) then it only has those lines to work with, is this correct thinking ?

If not where can i get hold of a 2nd hand scaler ?

Thanks In adavance for any help


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There are actually more downsides. It's a good unit for what it does though.

You can read about a forum member who has one in the Realife articles on this site. yours truelly installed it.

Matt: No one helped you and I forgot, sorry. A scaler does several things. It processes video information then de-interlaces and then scalers. SOmetimes it also changes refresh rate on the way. They have digital to analogue and analogue to digital convertors in them and all sorts of other gizmo's. Each bit can cause artifacts in the final image. Each step allows one device designer a chance to make a difference. So you can see there will be good and bad scalers, just like good and bad projectors.

I'd guess that there are probably quite a few scalers that would outperform the Ellie's in built product and would give you less jaggies, more detail and a more pleasing image.


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