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My Scaleo E is failing badly, at first removing the BIOS battery seems to have cured it but putting a battery back in stops it from booting, makes the power supply click too. Got one more fix to try which is a brand new battery rather than a spare, although the machine seems to be functioning fine without one at the minute.

So, when that fails I'll be looking for a new case or system.

Spec is currently:
P4 630
2GB (2x1GB DDR400)
8500GT half height fanless
2 x Videomate compro S350 DVB-S (full size pci)
1x Nova-T usb stick for freeview
1x 3.5" 500GB spinpoint

The only comparable barebones I've found is the Aopen but i'm loathe to spend £120 on kit that's just as old as mine. Although by the looks of things that may take a slightly newer dual core (Pentium D)? Could I run my existing CPU with DDR2 in that case?

The other alternative is another Scaleo E case at £85, but who knows what'll happen if that goes faulty too.

My problem is I require:
A built in RC-6 compatible receiver - not too fussed about an LCD display but won't complain if there is one.
2 full size PCI slots for the sat tuners. Alternatively, if I can migrate to PCI-E then I'll get a dual tuner PCI-e 1x card, but the problem with that is that the heatsink on the 8500GT currently blocks the next PCI slot, so I imagine it would block a PCI-E if it was present.

Any clues?



Thinking aloud here, but how easy would it be to gut the Aopen and make it fly?

Looks to take a standard motherboard/backplate unlike the Scaleo. Could hopefuly fit a new board with the PCI-E slot BEHIND the graphics card, so you lose the first PCI but not the PCI-E. Get that new blackgold super 6in1 tuner, put my 8500GT back in, dvd and hard drive. DDR is quite pricey now so re-sell my sticks of that and the two PCI sat tuners. Wonder if the scaleo VFD can be transferred over though?
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