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I'm in many many minds at the moment and need a little help making a decision.

Basically I've started my system from scratch again and currently, basically, still need all the electronics :rotfl: I don't mind not having a CDP and I'm considering a "media player".

Here's the options I was thinking (I have Quad 22L's):

Option 1:
Quad 99 Stereo Power Amp.
Quad 99 CDP-2.

I heard this combo in action with my speakers and liked it instantly.

Option 2:

Quad 99 Stereo Power Amp.
Cambridge DacMagic
Squeezebox Touch + 500GB External USB Drive

Q1: Using the variable output on the SB would mean not having to buy a pre-amp. Is there any reduction in quality doing it this way?

Q2: I'm wondering how the Dacmagic compares to the CDP-2 in DAC/SQ terms?

Q4: Are the electronics behind the SB up to it? (PSU, etc)
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The volume control in the SB3 isn't any great shakes, so whilst it will functionally work, in the context of the system you're looking at, it's not the optimum solution from a sound quality perspective.
A friend of mine owns a CD99 and I like it very much. The DACmagic is considered to roughly on par with the CA740c, which was when new under half the price of the Quad. That should give you an indication of likely SQ.

If you want to have the option to play disks at your system, then why not get a s/h CD99 that has a digital input and built in volume control. That way the Quad could act as a DAC for your SB3.


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Yup, that seems like the way it'll ultimately go.. just getting the CDP-2 and using it as a DAC for the SB-Touch.

I just know I wont use CD's as much when I do get the SB-Touch. Still, having the option there to play them is always good. Was just trying to save some money :rotfl:

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