SB Audigy Digital Out Problem

Greg Hook

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I have an annoying problem with my audigy1 card on my new PC.

First off I have downloaded the latest drivers and software through the auto update feature. The sound works perfectly through my PC speakers from windows, games etc and there seems to be no crashes. I have also made sure 48khz is selected, digital output only is selected and ac3 decode is deactivated.

But when I try and pass through the sound to my amp from the digital out connection I get nothing.

The amp (denon 3802) is registering the signal, as it tells me there is a digital signal coming in, and also if I change it to 96khz it tells me a 96khz signal is coming in, so it looks like the amp is receiving something but there is no sound.

I am using the exact same cable and amp setup which worked fine on my old PC with a SB live card.

I have an Abit IC7 motherboard and I have disabled the on board sound from the bios.

I would really appreciate some help with this as I want to start watching DVDs again with my new PC.



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Audigy 1, using the external connector box, yes?

What DVD playing software? If you select AC3 Decode do you hear decoded audio?

Just checked by system and at first sight I can only see those two settings you've already mentioned ... AC3 Decode and Digital Output Only (though the latter I don't think is strictly needed) ... if you're getting analog sound then I'm not so sure the problem is in the audio cards.

What about the DVD player configuration?

Greg Hook

Moderator & Reviewer
Thanks for the reply.

No, I am not using the external box, I have my cable connected to the digital out connection on the back of the card. (the same as when using my SB live card)

The DVD player is configured for SPDIF, and I have tried both PowerDVD and WinDVD.

I haven't tried selecting AC3 decode and seeing what I get from that. Will try later and see what happens.

Any other suggestions?


Greg Hook

Moderator & Reviewer
I have solved the problem!

I am using a single 3.5mm to two coaxial cable and I just plug one of these into my amp.

It worked fine on my old setup but all I did was swap the two coaxials around and it works perfectly.

(a very happy) Greg

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