say it aint so...


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you have got to love babelfish

Originally certainly did not know how good can the company process these to have the slight defect or the quality question camera. Now only then understood that, originally entirely judges the death penalty, executes a captured offender on the spot! Actually, besides the quality question, very much the heterogeneity machine belongs in the transportation, the preserve and the sales process accident is infiltrated the separate list (including clash, rain drenches, blister and so on). In the middle of this has very many all is good can the company in the field famous product. Its scene really is sighs make the person and shocks! In brief, for the prestige, is good can do not hesitate the price to destroy these products. Looks like the loss to be huge, but the it is said insurance company will compensate pays the majority



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I only just noticed that they were actually taking a hammer to the lenses. Why?!! What good is that going to do anyone. That was a prefectly lovely 400mm F2.8L IS DO!

Wish I could understand that language so I knew the reason.


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Used Google Language Tools to translate the first paragraph and it came up with this:

Canon originally did not know how to deal with those flaws or quality of the camera. Only now understand that it was completely been sentenced to death, Spot! In fact, apart from quality problems, many cameras are in the transport, storage and sale of accidents in the process of being registered access (including trauma, rain, blisters, etc.). That many of them are famous Canon products in the industry. The scene is indeed deplorable and shocking! In short, to the credibility, Canon costs of these products will be destroyed. Looks great loss, but said most insurance companies will be paid

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