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Saw a Vantage HD today


Distinguished Member
I have seen a vantage HD today, serial number 00001 alledgely, only saw the box it was running but what i can tell you is you get 2 HDMI in and an expansion slot for HD SDi or 2 more HDMI, a couple of component inputs and some other analogue video inputs as well as digital audio ins so connectivity doesnt look that great but as for the PQ i will have to wait but hopefully i will see one in action soonish.

Case is lovely very understated matt black finish with a plain but nicely designed button panel


Distinguished Member
I recall that you've asked that question before without getting an answer, Madshi, and I thought everyone knew that there were two SDI inputs on the optional board. However, checking Calibre's spec, it seems there is either two additional HDMI inputs or a single HD/SD-SDI input. That's a bit disappointing. I do hope the Sky HD box will give us native digital video outputs over HDMI.


PS. This is what the spec says:


2x Composite Video (CVBS), NTSC PAL & SECAM.
2x YC/S-Video, NTSC PAL & SECAM.
2x Component analog video YPbPr or RGBS for SD,
ED & HD.
2x HDMI with HDCP, also compatible with HDCP DVI
using appropriate third-party cable. HDMI input
supports full 8 channel (DVD) audio format.
1x SVGA analog, 640x480 to 1280x1024 via 15HDD for PC
or games system.
2x TosLink fiber-optic audio link.
2x S/PDIF digital coaxial audio.
2x 2 channel analog audio.
One Expansion module can be fitted,
available modules are:
1x HD-SDI serial digital component video via single BNC,
also supports SD-SDI (optional)
2x additional HDMI channels to give a total of 4 HDMI.


Active Member
Can HD-SDI accommodate HDCP? I understood not. If not then you can bet that HD-SDI will be a no-go with Sky (and any other forthcoming HD content delivery....)


Active Member
There will be no HD/BluRay players nor any HD receivers coming with HD-SDI outputs, because HD-SDI has no copy protection. However, there are going to be HD-SDI mod kits. E.g. PixelMagic plans to create one.


Active Member
How would a "mod kit" handle HDCP? Is this a work-around a la peeling off the audio content to SPDIF rather than transporting it via the HDMI connection? I would expect the content producers to want to avoid SDI at all costs....


Active Member
The currently available SD-SDI mod kits are directly soldered to the MPEG2 decoder chips. So they get the raw image information out of the MPEG2 decoder, before any harm can be done to the signal. With harm I mean not only copy protection, but also bad video processing etc... I expect the HD-SDI mods to behave similar to that.

Gordon @ Convergent AV

Distinguished Member
AVForums Sponsor
While it does seem to be possible to tap the MPEG2 decoder in current HD STB's and maybe DVHS decks it is, as yet, unknown if you'll be able to achieve this with the newer chips that are to be used in MPEG4 HD devices like SkyHD etc. The general speculation appears to be that it is going to be very difficult/impossible to find an unencrypted point to take it out......


Nic Rhodes

Distinguished Member
aren't there words like no unprotected signals on the PCBs used for these new kit? ie no where to tap stuff off without going 'in the layers'. I think we might get DTheatre done but I am not at all confident about modding HD DVD or BR but time will tell us whether we can mod them. HD SDI works quite differently to SDI as well with a fixed clock speed.

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