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Using the 'Canon Photo Professional' program I saved some RAW Images into 'Tiff'. The problem is the file size is much larger than the RAW file. In 8 bit Tiff it is about 24mb & in 16 bit the file is 57.7mb. Is that normal? If not how can you save a high quality file into Tiff at a lower mb?


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Yep an 8 bit Tiff is usually around the 20mb mark


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Tiff is an uncompressed format. It is possible to use LZW compression, which is lossless (No data is thrown away, averaged, or combined - unlike JPG, GIF or PNG) But while you can reduce the file size by about a third, it's not recommended for archiving purposes.

Just call me Al

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Thank you JB17 & Liquid. It seems a bit odd to me that you cannot save the original RAW file (around 12mb) into Tiff at around 12mb as surely you would lose nothing as the original file was no bigger. However if Tiff files are always going to be bigger then Bluray here we come.

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