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Saving a playlist from streaming media?


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I managed to get my PC upstairs streaming media to my 360 downstairs last weekend. I have actually ran a cable from my 360 to my router upstairs. With the recent divx update, I can stream virtually any video file to the 360 :smashin:

Audio-wise, my MP3's are all available and its fantastic having access to them downstairs. However, when I created a playlist that contained MP3's from my PC, then tried to save it, it wouldn't let me. It said that playlists could only be saved if the media was on the 360's hdd (or something similar).

Am I missing something? Or will I just have to accept I can't save playlists that contain streamed mp3's?



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You can create playlists in WMP11 and they will appear (streamed) on the 360. Works a treat :smashin:


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You can create playlists in WMP11 and they will appear (streamed) on the 360. Works a treat :smashin:

However no use if you use a upnp compliant NAS device to stream your media! The PS3 has the same problem. Its not like its that hard to do surely? You can set up the playlist so the required information to do it is all there the 360/PS3 has all the links in memory. All it needs is to save the playlist structure then have the location of the server at the top of the file. Whats so hard about that? If the playlists are in the form of XML or even something prorietary surely its even easier. Or am I expecting too much from one of the largest consumer sw companies on the planet?

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