Saves from different regions


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I have an asian Burnout. Played the hell out of it. If I buy a euro(pal) then what's gonna be with my save?

Anyone tested?

I know that downloaded version saves aren't combatible with the disk one's. But what about different regions?


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Why not back up your save and send it to someone here to test Asia->PAL and they can send you a save of theirs to test PAL->Asia?

I should be on tonight if you want to try it.

PM me.
Or can you send saves though the PS3 messaging attach option?
Anybody know, (I'm at work right now so I can't test that last idea)?



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I guess you'd have to swap PSN logins as well.

I wonder what would happen if you tried a save on a PSN store version of Burnout? Perhaps that's region locked to the store you bought it from as the disc versions are.

BTW [email protected], thanks again for the help on Tuesday.
I'm going to have to find out more about hosting games like how to restrict the numbers that can come in, in order to get some of the 3/4/5/6 player challenges done if the right number of friends aren't available.


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I guess, I should find euro one from some guys in my town to test it out.

About hosting. It's nothing difficult. Just change "access type" to "invite only" to limit most of the people.


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I've checked. The answer is "saves aren't combatible". I guess, you'll see me wondering in Cavalry with 0/490. :)

And obly last week I acquired 490/490...


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I had the disk version, and now have the download version. I had to start again because it wouldn't read my save from the disk version. very annoying that was, could at least be linked to my account name but obviously to much to ask.

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