Save game data file back up.


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Hi All. I could not find an answer to this so hopefully it's ok to ask. I would like to back up 1 saved game file to a USB stick from my ps5 but am sure it's not possible.

To explain in June the massive install size of CoD kept failing on my PS5 and once installed my save data was lost so I was back at the start of the game. As the game kept asking for more packs to be installed to be able to play I gave up and put the game away. Now we have full fiber internet I have reinstalled the game and have played through the first few levels of the campaign.

I have noticed I have a save game dated June in the PSN cloud and I want to know if it has further progession than my current live save. But if I download it I assume it will overwrite my current live save. If I try to back up my live save it will overwrite the save from June in the cloud so I seem to be stuck in a loop.

I was hoping I could move or copy my current live save to a USB but it looks like Sony has blocked that. Is there any way I can see what progession is in the save in the cloud without wiping out my current save file?

It looks like I would have to do a full system back up to get live save game files onto a usb stick which seems a bit excessive.

Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks


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There is no way of knowing without loading the save, sadly at this point in time PS5 only backs-up PS5 game saves to the PS+ cloud there is no USB support other than doing a full system backup as you have found.

If it were me I would stick with the save on the PS5 itself at least you know where you are in the game with that one.

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