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My dad bought a telescope about 6 months ago and we kind of have shared ownership of it and take it in turns to keep it at our own place to look through.

In our new flat for the past week or so the moon and mars have been perfect for viewing but i haven't had the scope to look at them, so i went to pick it up on friday, but low and behold the first night i get hold of it the moon is miles below the horizon and i can't look at it.

however, Saturn rised in the sky directly outside my balcony door and i managed to get a look at it last night (was slightly cloudy so wasn't perfect viewing), but wow, it is incredible to see saturn and its rings with your own eyes. i tried to take a picture of it with my iphone but couldn't get any decent detail with it.

anyone else into the astro-photography side of things? would love to get involved properly. for now though, looking at jupiter and saturn is good enough.


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I tried in the back garden once when I found one packed away in the cellar, was amazed how quickly the stars moved across the view finder, didn't know what I was doing and found it quite frustrating, would be good to have help with that sort of thing.

Have you considered joining a local club for it?

I had a good in the Egyptian desert to good effect.

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