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I've done a search, and have some info on some units, but you don't always get all the detail.
So, I want a decent satnav that will:
-Give good voice diirections (hopefully most of them)
-Speed camera database (accurate and ideally updateable, free)
-UK and availability of Europe (or just France) maps free (i.e. download from TorrentSpy, google or the like)

I have used only one, the Navman F20, which Woolworths are now doing for £130. That was pretty good, got me whwre I wanted to go and had free speed camera database, but not sure whether I could get France maps or speed camera database update free.
Evesham do a new one, the Nav-Cam, which is £100 - sounds like it does most of above, unsure of quality or if you can get Europe maps.
TomTome One is supposed good, and is £160.

Any comments on these or other that suit my spec?



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Just got my mate the Garmin streetpilot 510 deluxe from Halfords £199. Nice piece of kit came with 256mb SD card and has the FM lead that picks up traffic info to automatically re route him around snarl ups. That version only had the UK & Ireland Maps though, but I beleive they had the full europe jobby which of course was more expensive.

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