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richard plumb

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I'm looking for the best way to wire up my mission FS1's

Manual says to set all speakers to large, and if you want LFE, connect the cable between the sub out and the mission subwoofer (and set sub to 'on')

But what about my current sub (little PDR10)? There are 3 options I can think of, and I'd like some advice on which is best (or option 4!)

1) just use the mission speakers and sell my current sub. missions will do all frequencies including LFE

2) Use a Y-splitter to connect both the mission and my current sub to the LFE out on my receiver, and they can share the LFE duties.

3) Just connect my current sub to the sub out, and leave the mission sub to handle the 'normal' bass for the main speakers.

I figure 3 would be best, but thats just because I'd expect the mission sub to have trouble doing all the bass for the mains AND the LFE. But my other sub isn't great, so maybe it could do with a hand.

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