Satellite TV in a motorhome


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Can somebody advise what are the options for getting SAT tv in a motorhome? I have Sky+ at home. Can I get Sky in a mororhome or are there other options?


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Because people will pay for apparent convenience. The motorhome market is largely retired folks with lots of cash who want simplicity and have been made (wrongly) to think that you need to pay lots for it. Plus there is fashion cachet to be had from having an Oyster or Kathrein on the roof.

The advice given in satelliteforcaravans is excellent. I use a s/h Sky box, minidish and tripod in France, Spain and Portugal with my motorhome and it works great. Total cost about £70. Plus there is the added advantage of being able to locate the dish in the open even when you are parked in the shade.



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I recently upraded to Sky+ at home so have the digibox. I do tend to be pretty mobile and the idea of just switching on does appeal to me. I'm not sure that I want to pay £2k+ for the convenience though. Maybe I should stick to freeview when mobile (in the UK) and stick a tripod and dish on board when I'm going to be hanging around somewhere?


the_sanguine said:
Why are auto tracking dishes so expensive?

There is actually a guy in Aberdeen got one of these fitted to his CAR.

He has got an LCD screen set up for his passengers to view it. I do not know how legal this is but I will try and take a picture of it next time I see it.

It a series 5 BMW

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