Satellite Speakers Kef 2005.2 vs Mordaunt-Short Genie vs Monitor Audio Radius 90


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Hi All,

First actual post to this forum, although I have used your posts to great effect to buy my recent system. So I wanted to put a little time in and give back to the Forum.

I, like many, wanted a high end speaker/AV package but also did not want it to take over my living room and wanted to keep the misses happy (something I think I share with many others!).

So, I sound tested 3 satellite speaker packages (me, my mate and our 2 birds for 2 hours, that’s listening to sound (DVDs and CDs) and nothing else!):

Kef KHT 2005.2 (My mate's choice)
Mordaunt-Short Genie (My choice)
Monitor Audio Radius (Shops choice)

These were tested with Amp: Denon 3805 and DVD: Denon 3910

KHT 2005.2: Very nice looking and fantastic purity of sound, especially in high frequencies, but speakers lacked depth and the sub did not support very well. A very nice system, and they won awards for good reason, but did not blow me away enough to spend good money on them.

Genie: A whole lot different, I may offend Kef users, but prior to listening I thought the difference between Kef and the Genies were just down to personal taste, but all 4 of us instantly noticed the difference. The depth was there, the quality of sound remained and they held this when pushed a little. Yes they are not the best manufactured speakers in terms of strength and stability, but a tidy package that you would be proud of.

Radius: I did not know what to expect and wanted to like my Genies more...but the Monitor Audios were another step on again. Even though we swapped the sub over early on for a Rel Stampede, you could instantly notice the difference in the strength and depth of sound. At the time we had 4 radius 90s and 1 radius 180 for the centre. We played the scene from Swordfish (as we had on the other 2 speaker sets) and near the start where the claymore blows up, taking out all the police cars, suddenly the movie came alive the smashing of glass was as realistic as it comes. The speakers also performed fantastically when we pushed up the volume. In video sliver these speakers looked ugly and I wanted to dislike them, but they sounded awesome and all 4 of us were in agreement. At the time when we tried to justify the extra £300 cost over the Genies, my bird said "if you want, I will give u £300 more to buy the Monitor Audios!" She was that impressed with the sound, as were we all, and when you start talking over 2k for a system you want something that u r going to be completely satisfied with.

Eventually I bought the Monitor Audios in Beach wood finish, but I bought:

2 x 270 (front floor standing, very slim and if you are going to use speaker stands then u r better off buying the 270s, besides I thought the 90s were excellent, the 270s are even better again, the front base and resonance through the box is first rate, these go down to 50hz were as the 90s only down to 85hz))

1 x 225 (Centre, complements the 270s better)
2 x 90 (rear)
Rel Stampede Sub
Denon 3805 (worth the extra over the 2805 if just for the remote!!!!)
Denon 3910
35m Chord Carnival Silver Plus cable (plus other cables)

Shop price £3500, paid well below £3000 (there are great deals to be had out there, and this was from a major chain sound and vision store)

For those looking at this type of system I can only give you feedback on what I checked out. There are other small ish speakers on the market, but after much research I am, as with most forum members, extremely happy with my system and I am very fussy, especially when I spend this sort of money!

Hope this post helps others in a similar position.



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Sounds like you really did youre homework there. Did you try the Mission M-Cubes?

Good luck with you're new toys. :)


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The short answer to your question is no,

They were in the shop and they looked nice (if you want to match the suede with your leather sofa!), but they are tiny sats and, therefore, would not produce the sort of full body sound I was looking for (Also not cheap I think 1100ish). For me at the moment a Reference Series set of speakers would be too big (let alone the cost), but also I think you can go too small with speakers and it becomes how nice and small they are and not really about the sound, although all the quotes will talk about how good they are for their size. This is why I thought the Monitor Audio Radius were small enough, but had qualities of...dare I say it for fear of retribution...a reference system.


Docta teef said:
Has anyone looked at the ms genie v the prem plus?
Yeah, i used to be a salesman for RS and the genie absolutley kicks the prem plus' butt! Much better sub and the larger driver size on the fx speakers makes them a lot more musical, be aware that some of the old genies have had the wrong fuse fitted, contact MS for a free replacement. :hiya:

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