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As a relatively new boy to A/V I recently purchased the E-30 and have been very pleased with it to date. It has been really useful for archiving old vhs films even though I have to settle for basic video output due to limited output options on the vcr. However, I don't seem to be able to get the E-30 to receive RGB signals from my Pace satellite receiver, which is set up as AV2 with Ext 1 set. I am connecting via a standard 21-pin scart but the signal received is red only.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


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Have you gone into the E30's setup menu and under AV2 set it to accept RGB signals. Also you may want to set it to Ext 2 if you're setting the timmer on the Pace box. This way when you press the Ext Link button on the E30 and it will come on automatically and start recording fromt he AV2 input when your Pace box switches itself on. Other than that I take it you have the AV1 (TV)output from you Pace, set to output RGB, going into the E30's AV2. Have you tried a different scart cable, checked your existing cable is firmly plugged in, the scart sockets on the E30 are pretty deep!

stephen (a new and very happy E30 owner)


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Thanks, Stephen.

All is now connected and working fine. My E-30 was receiving input signal from the VCR socket on the Pace satellite receiver rather than the AV-1 (TV) socket. I made the switch and, eh presto, it worked.:)

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