Satellite feed on Hisense U8Q (55 or 65)


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Hi, Need to get a new TV and interested in the Hisense U8Q (either 55 or 65 inch) .We only have a satellite feed here (and no standard aerial) and have been using Freesat (which has been great) on our old TV. The U8Q does have a satellite cable input, but as far as I am aware doe not have Freesat. A call to Hisense was no help at all. Does anyone know how channels from a satellite fed would be presented? would there be a program guide etc? Thanks


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Thanks Dodgexander. Was hoping to avoid using an external box. Budget is £800 and was looking to get something at least usable for HDR - hence the U8Q. Don't suppose there is an alternative recommended TV that has Freesat built in? Viewing angles not an issue. Mostly watch normal TV, Prime, netflix, 4K disks / blu ray etc. From reading your very helpful guide to recommendations, I am probably looking at spending more ££ or getting a freesatbox (or compromising HDR which I don't really want to do)


If you are just watching regular TV then you don't really need to look at a TV that has HDR capabilities akin to the U8G, and instead can look at some lower spec, more basic models from Samsung, LG or Sony that have Freesat firmware.

If you are going to use HDR and also use the TV for a variety of things like streaming then you need to spend more money on a TV like the Sony XH9505 or Samsung Q80T/Q90T/Q95T.

So it depends how you intend to use the TV, there's certainly no direct alternative to the U8G at the same price point just because its so cheap for what it is.


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LG CX BX have Freesat I think and an EPG to.


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Thanks all for the input. Ended up going for the LG 55BX OLED for £760 from the 'My best value TVs thread'. at least this has freesat :)


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